Personality and uniqueness: these are my goals to be achieved in every project.
My works aim at giving a strong identity to spaces, each of whose is first composed in its functional and plant layout and then made unique through an accurate selection and design of décor. Every work is tailor-made for the client, whose passions and style I try to translate into materials, colours, textiles, objects and artworks. I want the client to identify with the warm and charming space specially designed for him, which is unique and exclusive. A home tells the story of its inhabitants, so the owner’s personality and style have to be the starting point based on which the house should be developed. Therefore, every realization is one of a kind, since each place is enriched by pieces that are not necessarily coherent with the design, but that are able to make it interesting and charming, never predictable or ordinary. I firmly believe that excessive sobriety is an end in itself and it’s seldom expressive, on the contrary I think that “family” objects, that may be recycled or specially designed, give great personality and acquire the power to convey emotions or evoke memories. Indeed, my work revolves around emotions: the excitement of living spaces, the welcoming feeling of entering a new room. After years of study and experience in this field, my works are developed around two other keywords: research and experimentation. Research leads to identify the right materials both technically and aesthetically. Experimentation, instead, is connected to the skilled wood, iron, glass and marble craftsman with whom I’ve worked for long and who are able to make unique creations. Their craftsmanship is enhanced by the use of light, that I consider fundamental, as it allows colours to stand out; a wise choice of light can generate different effects and situations, and can help highlighting details or hiding defects and imperfections, creating the right atmosphere. When functionality and aesthetics manage to live together, the experience of the space reaches deeper levels. My ideal interiors are made of handcraft, personality and quality, always the main distinctive features of the most exclusive Made in Italy.
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